2019 8th Grade Cheerleading Squad

  • McKenzie B.

    Laura Burr B.

    Lauren C.

    Marlea D.

    Carolyn D.

    Mary Patton H. 

    Addison H.

    Carolyn K.

    Cates L.

    Amelia  M.

    Anabelle M.

    Marlea M.

    Adah S.

    Maddie S.

    Reese T.

    Mae Helen T.

    Louise W. 

    Lauren W. 


    If you would like to discuss your daughter's tryout scores, please use the Sign-Up Genius e-mail that was sent to you and set up a time to meet. All meetings will take place on Monday, March 4th. The MBJH Cheerleading Staff will not respond to e-mails or phone prior to the March 4th meeting.