• Swivl Setup Instructions:


    The swivl is housed in Mrs. Mumm's office. Please have a teacher only transport it.  

    Please reserve the swivl on this calendar



    1.  Need an ipad (or use the one in the swivl case), Swivl, tripod and microphone markers.

    2.  Turn on ipad and login to swivl account.  Make one of your own if you are going to do several videos or use the school accounts.  She Sharon

    3.  Connect white plug from ipad to swivl.

    4.  Turn on swivl base by holding right button down. 

    5.  Turn on marker and hold the left button on the swivl down to connect.  Both swivl lights should be green. 

    6.  Do a practice video to check sound and lighting.

    7.  Delete any videos that you do not want.

    8.  Equipment is returned to Mrs. Mumm's office and plugged into charge everyday.