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    The Cherokee Bend Counseling Program's purpose is to develop skills for every student personally, socially, academically, and in preparation for his or her future career and life. Through counseling and guidance services students are supported as learners in their development of personal-social skills, general academic skills, and the school to work connection. These services are offered by a certified school counselor primarily through whole group lessons in classrooms and supportive services in small groups or individual counselor sessions. School counselors also support students by serving as an advocate for students on school leadership teams and in the problem solving team. 


    Individual counseling sessions are confidential and devoted to the best interest of the child taking into consideration each child's situation, beliefs, values, and those of the community in which the child lives. There are limits to confidentiality in the cases where it is revealed that there is harm to the student, there may be or has been harm to self or others, or if a student wishes for the counselor to speak to someone on their behalf.


    About our whole class lessons: The lessons in the classroom delivered by the school counselor will relate to our school character education traits and the state student standards. To see a list of the planned lessons for each grade, please click the link to the left titled, Whole Class Lesson Map, under 2022-2023 Information. Additional lessons may be added or some adjusted to meet needs identified by teachers and parents.


    Small group counseling is arranged for students based on the parent, student, and teacher identified needs. Parent must give permission for children to participate. Needs are surveyed annually for students in grades 3-6.


    To complete the parent survey, click here. You are welcome to reach out with any questions. Please email or call the school and ask for the school counselor's office.

    Laura Witcher, Counselor 

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