• February 14th, 2020

    Here are your eDay assignments for February 14th. All students have been given a checklist. For an additional copy, click here CHECKLIST . Turn in this checklist with all of the assignments stapled to it no later than Tuesday February 18th.

    Specials: (complete the assignment for your class only)

    Rowan: SPANISH

    Click to HERE complete the Spanish eday.

    Collins: MUSIC

    For E-Day, they will go to music webpage and under the Alabama History Play tab they will download the powerpoint and go through the songs multiple times. There are instructions on the web page and here is a link to the exact page: MUSIC

    Margaritis: LIBRARY

    • Sign in to Classlink.
    • Go to Wevideo and explore more ideas for your book trailer.
    • You can begin creating your book trailer if you want, but you can also just explore some more.
    • We will have some help next week in class. (You can share if you learn a new trick!)

    Wilson: STEM

    Have you noticed columns in building and other structures, like parking garages?  What shape are the columns? Take a piece of paper (copy paper works best) and fold into three different shapes (examples: triangle, circular, or square). Please make sure you secure with tape.  Slowly pile books on top of each shape to see which shape is the strongest. Take a picture of your strongest shape and post to see-saw.



    1) You will complete the Writing in Math Assignment: Moths Line Plot. A copy was given to you in your binder and you can also find a copy by clicking here moth line plot . Please use the checklist and rubric provided carefully. Your paragraph should be written on a clean sheet of notebook paper (no typing). It will help guide your writing. If you need help interpreting the line plot, please see your class notes on page 4-5. When finished, please use the rubric to grade yourself. Mrs. Margaritis will use the same rubric to grade your written response. 



    In Accelerate Learning, complete assignment called Reading Science – Hiking Trip.  You will read a story and answer 5 questions to be turned in electronically.   Remember, to get to Accelerate Learning, you must be logged in to your classlink account.  Your username and password is already saved in classlink.    


    Language Arts/ Alabama History

    1) Work on your Pop-Up Book Research Project. Be sure to use the handout provided to you by Ms. Collins. For an additional copy of handouts, click the following links. Directions Graphic Organizer



    1) Writing IXL – Under language arts, click writing strategies. Complete R.2-Use coordinating conjunctions

    2) Grammar and Mechanics IXL – Under language arts, click grammar and mechanics. Complete lesson II.1-Which words is a noun? 



    Click on the link to access the PE eday. PE