Welcome to the Team
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Mountain Brook Schools family! The technology department is here to support you and to assist you with your integration of technology into classroom learning and to enable you learn to use all of the technology resources effectively and efficiently. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can assist you in any way.

    Suzan Brandt, Technology Director

    Meet the Team

  • Network Access

    All Mountain Brook employees who work 16 hours or more have access to our robust network.  When you turn on your computer, on the Windows screen enter the creditials below.  You will be asked to reset your password.  This will reset your network password and your Outlook email password.


  • Outlook Email

    All Mountain Brook Employees are encouraged to use Outlook as their email of choice for work related communications with other faculty and staff as well as parents.  There is a rolling delete that occurs when a message is 365 days old, regardless of if it is stored in a folder or in the inbox.  There is a storage quota for your email account that includes all folders and the Inbox of 1 GB.  Messages that are needed for any type of documentation should be saved as a PDF and stored on your network home directory drive.  Outlook can be access using the client on your computer or via the web.



  • ClassLink

    ClassLink is a Single Sign On (SSO) solution that allows faculty, staff, and students the ability to login from any where at any time and access school web based applications and their network (g:/ and s:/) files.  ClassLink either passes the user through or saves passwords eliminating the stress of remembering so many passwords and adds another layer of security.


  • Mountain Brook Schools' Web Pages

    All Mountain Brook Schools' faculty and district departments are required to have an official webpage accessible from the Mountain Brook Schools website--www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us.  At times, information is posted that requires logging into the website.  The first time that a user logs in to the website, he or she must be on campus.  Your local school technology coordinator will assist you in the creation of your initial website.

    Directions for Logging Into the Website

  • PowerSchool 

    Mountain Brooks Schools, as all Alabama schools, use a statewide Student Information System (SIS).  New staff are trained at the local school for this product.

    Directions for Logging In

  • Google for Education

    Mountain Brook Schools provide the suite of Microsoft products including Outlook email, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for all users.  In addition, we support Google for Education which includes gmail, docs, sheets, and slides.  Faculty and staff find the sharing capabilities provided in Google very helpful when working with students and peers.  All students have access to a school provided Gmail account.  Only students in grades 5-12 have the ability to email outside the district.  Staff are strongly encouraged to use their school provided account when working with students and to use the student's school gmail account when corresponding.  Your Google Gmail account syncs with your network account making your password the same.  Note the only difference in your school Outlook email account and your Gmail account is the addition of word "student."  Example:  Outlook account:  username@mtnbrook.k12.al.us; Gmail account:  username@student.mtnbrook.k12.al.us.

  • Technical Support

    Mountain Brook Schools are fortunate to have a local school technology coordinator at each school.  They are your first line of support and just in time as well as scheduled technology related professional development.  In addition, we have a network administrator, three senior level technicians, a data and project manager, administrative assistant, and two technology aides on our team.  In addition, relevant handouts are posted on our website under Technology Assist.  All classrooms consist of a minimum of a teacher/presentation computer, display device, document camera, and sound enhancement system.  We have a 1:1 ratio of Chromebooks for teachers and students.  To assist you with your technology equipment and access issues, we utilize the Schooldude system.