• Mexico

      Mexico is in North America

      The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

      September 16th is Mexico's independence day. 

    • Interesting Facts

      Mexico´s national bird is the eagle.

      Mexico has 32 states.

      Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico.

      The Chihuahua dog breed has its origins in Mexico. It is the smallest dog in the world.

      Mexico City was built on top of a swamp.

      The Mayans and the Aztecs both lived in Mexico.

      The Flag of Mexico is green, white, and red.

      Mariachi band is a traditional band from Mexico.

      Mexico has two peninsulas--Baja California Peninsula and Yucatan Peninsula.

      Cozumel island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula belongs to Mexico. It used to be the hiding place for pirates. 

      Río Grande is the river that serves as a border between Mexico and Texas.