Sing along with the following song. If a video requires a password, you or your parent can find that information in an announcement in your Seesaw class. Please write it down and keep it close. All the password-protected videos have the same password.

  • Central America and the Caribbean Country-Capital Rap

  • On the Quizlet below, click on "Choose study mode" and choose the "match mode". Play several games. If you think you need additional practice, go to the "flashcard mode", and then return to match. 

  • Click Quizziz and play the 3 Fifth Grade topics (verbs 1, weather, and Central America/Caribbean). 

    Remember that you can go to the main E-Learning page to find several fun resources to practice your Spanish.

    Rockalingua has many games that you can play. Click this link: GAMES, or go to the game icon on the bottom of the main Rockalingua page. Don't forget that if you are prompted to log in, you will need to use the username and password provided through your Seesaw announcements.