• Chile

    Chile is the longest and skinniest country in South America. 

    The capital of Chile is Santiago. Santiago is a boy's name equivalent to the name James. 

  • World Records

    The Atacama Desert, the world's driest desert, is in Chile. 

    Chile is the largest producer of uvas (grapes) in the world. 

    The Tololo Telescope is the largest telescope in the world and located in Chile.  

    Chile has about 500 volcanoes, the most of any country in South America. 

  • Other Interesting Facts

    Easter Island belongs to Chile. 

    Large and mysterious stone statues called "moai" are found on Easter Island. 

    Tierra del Fuego or Land of Fire is located in the southern most part of Chile.  Chile and Argentina share The Land of Fire. 

    The Andes Mountains pass through the country of Chile.

    Thirty three Chilean miners were trapped in a mine in the Atacama Desert when the mine collapsed.  They were trapped for 69 days.  All 33 miners were rescued and lived. 

    One of the largest geyser fields in the world are in Chile.  They are called the Tatio Geysers. 

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