• Lessons for Social Emotional Learning Available Online Now

    New Lessons Added Weekly Below This List


    For Preschool Lessons, I suggest doing these from Seasame Street and the Committee for Children.

    For Mindfulness Lessons, I suggest Mind Yeti. Click here for the Mind Yeti library of video exercises on mindfulness.

    For Parents and Kids, Imagine Neighborhood is a podcast designed to help children and their grown ups grow their social-emotional skills through very amazing and fantastical stories.

    Second Step has released 3 lessons per grade that are great foundational lessons you can watch at home. Click the link below for your grade level.

    For Bullying Prevention and Being an Upstander, click on Captain Compassion to read comics, see videos and find fun activities about these topic with a superhero theme.

    Camp Timber offers several video lessons on great social and emotional learning for K-5th grades. Most are animations, with a few that are actors. 

May 4 - 15 - Gratitude Journals with Mrs. Vansant

Mrs. Vansant Shares About Gratitude Journals

April 24 - May 1 - Breathing to Calm and Soothe

  • Practice two types of breath that you enjoyed doing anytime you get a chance. If you practice before you stretch, after you play, when you wake up, and when you go to sleep, you will remember how to do it when you need it to calm yourself down. I use a breath exercise whenever I feel a little nervous about something. It helps me to feel calm and be able to do what I need to do.

    The types of breath we learned about in the video were:

    1. Box breathing (taught by CBS Counselor, Mrs. Witcher)
    2. Rainbow breath (from the book, Breathe With Me by Mariam Gates)
    3. Dandelion breath (from the book, Breathe With Me by Mariam Gates)
    4. Counting breath (from the book, Breathe With Me by Mariam Gates)
    5. Belly breath (from the book, Breathe With Me by Mariam Gates)
    6. Ballon breath (from the book, Breathe With Me by Mariam Gates)

Week of April 13-17 - The Good Egg Teaches Us How to Manage When Our Families Frustrate Us

  • The Good Egg gets frustrated with the other eggs in the carton, kind of like the other people in his family. It may be that the Good Egg feels like everyone should do good all the time and he really struggles with it if someone else doesn't do good all the time. Maybe the Good Egg puts pressure on himself to be good all the time and that maybe he should accept himself and just not put so much pressure on himself to be perfect. There are lots of ways to think about this story. The take away I want you to think about is looking for the joy and fun in those around you and finding ways to keep yourself calm when someone bothers you. I bet you can think of lots of ways to calm down when you feel upset with someone else.

Week of April 6-10 - What to Do With Worries


    1. What kind of things did Wince worry about? 
    2. Wince worried a lot at night, but counting sheep didn’t seem to help. What else could Wince have done?
    3. What helped Wince not pay attention to the worry bug?
    4. What kinds of things keep you busy from paying attention to your worries?




    1. Wince worried about things he needed to do, but worrying wasn’t getting them done. Instead he could have made a list of the things he needed to do, then get started doing them!
    2. Reading a happy story before bed; taking deep, calming breaths, plan what you’d like to do tomorrow. 
    3. Getting busy doing things. Being busy didn’t give Wince time to pay attention to his worries.