• Paraguay

  • Paraguay is one of the two land-locked countries in South America. The other land-locked country is Bolivia.

    The capital of Paraguay is Asunción.

  • World Records

    Paraguay is home of one of largest hydroelectic dam in the world, the Itaipú Dam. Itaipú means "the sounding stone". As of 2016, the dam's hydroelectric power plant produced the most energy in the world, setting a new world record.

    A traditional dish from Paraguay is Sopa Paraguaya. It is the only soup in the world that is not a liquid. It is a type of cornbread made up of onion, fat, cheese, eggs, milk, and butter.

    Paraguay has had the longest lasting dictatorship in South America. Between the years 1954 and 1989, Alfredo Stroessner was in power as a dictator.

    Paraguay is the only country in the world that has a recycled orchestra. The instruments played by the musicians are made out of trash.

    Paraguay has the largest power navy of any other landlocked country in the world.

  • Other interesting facts

    Asunción, the capital, is also a popular girl's name in Paraguay.

    Itaipú Dam creates so much energy, Paraguay is able to share electricity with Argentina and Brazil.

    A region in Paraguay, called El Chaco, makes up 60% of the land area but only 3% of the population lives there.

    Paraguay has 2 official languages, Spanish and Guarani. 

    Even though Paraguay only has land borders, it has a very large navy in South America. Paraguay has the largest power navy of any land-locked country in the world.

    The Landfill Harmonic is a children's orchestra in Paraguay that performs with instruments that are completely made out of trash fronm a landfill.

    El Chaco consists in 60% total area and 3% population of the population lives there. Together is Patagonia, Amazon forest and Atacama Desert, El Chaco is one of the toughest and difficult regions to live in South America.

    The traditional music from Paraguay uses a special instrument, the harp.

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