• Venezuela


      Christopher Columbus discovered Venezuela in 1498.

      The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. 

    • World Records


      Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is in Venezuela. 

      The Andes Mountains go through Venezuela.  The Andes Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in the world. 

      Margarita Island, an island that belongs to Venezuela, is famous for their pearls.

      Venezuela has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world--18% of all global oil reserves. At its current production rate, Venezuela's reserves can last more 200 years.

    • Interesting Facts


       Baseball is Venezuela's most popular sport. 

      The waterfall in the Disney movie Up is supposed to be Angel Falls. In the movie it is called Paradise Falls.

      Jimmy Angel discovered Angel Falls in 1933.  Jimmy was an American pilot and the waterfall is named after him.

      Simon Bolivar, known as "the liberator", is from Venezuela.  The country Bolivia is named after him.

      Venezuela has 23 states and 5 main zones or regions.

      Part of the Amazon Rainforest is in Venezuela.