• Christopher Columbus discovered Venezuela in 1498.

    • The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. 

World Records:

    • Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the world, is in Venezuela. 

    • The Andes Mountains go through Venezuela.  The Andes Mountain Range is the longest mountain range in the world. 

    • Margarita Island, an island that belongs to Venezuela, is famous for its pearls.

    • Venezuela has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world--18% of all global oil reserves. At its current production rate, Venezuela's reserves can last more than 200 years.

Other Interesting Facts:

    • Baseball is Venezuela's most popular sport. 

    • The waterfall in the Disney movie Up is supposed to be Angel Falls. In the movie, it is called Paradise Falls.

    • Jimmy Angel discovered Angel Falls in 1933.  Jimmy was an American pilot and the waterfall is named after him.

    • Simon Bolivar, known as "the liberator", is from Venezuela.  The country Bolivia is named after him.

    • Venezuela has 23 states and 5 main zones or regions.

    • Part of the Amazon Rainforest is in Venezuela.