• Mexico

    Mexico is in North America.

    Mexico is south of the United States.

    The capital of Mexico is Mexico City.

  • World Records

    Mexican Guillermo González Camarena invented first color TV in 1942.

    In 2017 Mexico served the largest guacamole dip in the world--25,200 avocados, 3,500 tomatoes, 3,000 lemons, 750 onions and 90 bundles of cilantro.

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Mexico's Fun Facts


Cinco de Mayo

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  • Interesting Facts

    Mexico has 32 states.

    Mexico's flag is green, white and red.

    Chihuahua is the largest state and a dog breed from Mexico.

    Frida Kahlo is a famous artist from Mexico.

    Frida's husband, Diego Rivera, is a famous artist from Mexico.

    The Mexican Hat Dance is a traditional dance from Mexico.

    A mariachi band is a band from Mexico.

    The Day of the Dead is an importan holiday celebrated in Mexico.

    The poinsettia flower comes from Mexico.

    Mexico's independence day is September 16th.

    Cinco de mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army defeating the French in the Battle of Puebla.


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