Mexico, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea

México, España, y Guinea Ecuatorial

  • mex


    • Mexico is south of the United States.

    • The capital of México is Mexico City.

    • México is in North America.

    • Chihuahua is the biggest state in México.

    • Chihuahua is a dog of Mexican origin and considered the smallest dog breed in the world.

    • Mariachi bands come from México.

    • Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican artist.

    • The national bird of México is the eagle.

  • spain


    • España is known as the land of FIESTAS.

    • España is the only Spanish-speaking country in Europe.

    • Madrid is the capital of España.

    • España is known for its rich culture and its "siesta".

    • España is home to bullfighting and flamenco.

    • España hosts the world's largest tomato fight.

    • The castanets are the national instrument of España.

  • guinea

Equatorial Guinea

    • Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

    • Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa.

    • Equatorial Guinea is one of the richest countries in Africa.

    • In Equatorial Guinea, most people live in poverty.

    • Equatorial Guinea is one of the only countries to have its capital on an island.

    • Equatorial Guinea is one of Africa's largest oil producers.

    • The equator runs through Equatorial Guinea.