• Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

  • guat


  • The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City.

    The Quetzal is the national bird of Guatemala and the name of its currency. 

    Guatemala has 37 volcanoes--3 are active.

    Chocolate comes from Guatemala--it's a Mayan invention.

    The McDonald's Happy Meal was invented in Guatemala.

    Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope was filmed in the rainforest of Guatemala.

    The Mayans recycled.

  • salv

    El Salvador

  • El Salvador has many volcanoes

    El Salvador's nickname is the "Land of Many Volcanoes".

    El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America.  It's about the size of Massachusetts.

    Soccer is very popular in El Salvador.

    The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador.

    El Salvador is home to many famous surf spots.  Many international surf competitions happen in El Salvador. 

  • honduras


  • The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa.  That's a hard name to say!

    Honduras has the world's largest barrier reef.

    Honduras' nickname is the "banana republic" because they produce a lot of bananas.

    In Honduras it rains fish!  That's right- fish actually fall from the sky!

     Honduras translates to "great depth". Christopher Columbus named it Honduras after the deep waters along the coast. 

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