• Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador

  • venezuela


  • The tallest waterfall in the world is in Venezuela.  It's called Angel Falls.  Do you know what Disney movie features this waterfall?  Hint: In the movie it's called "Paradise Falls".

    The capital of Venezuela is Caracas.

    Baseball is Venezuela's most popular sport.

    Part of the Amazon Rainforest is in Venezuela.

    Margarita Island, an island that belongs to Venezuela, is famous for their pearls.

    The Andes Mountains go through Venezuela.  The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain range in the world.

  • colombia


  • Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus.

    Shakira is from Colombia. Shakira is a famous singer and performer. She is the voice of Gazelle in the movie Zootopia.

    The capital of Colombia is Bogotá.

    Part of the Amazon Rainforest is in Colombia.

    Colombia is famous for their coffee.

    The Andes Mountains go through Colombia.

    Colombia has the most species of butterflies, orchids (type of flower), and amphibians of any other nation in the world.  


  • ecuador


  • Ecuador is a small country.

    Ecuador means "equator" in English.  The equator goes through Ecuador.

    The capital of Ecuador is Quito.

    The Galápagos Islands belong to Ecuador. 

    Many different animals and plants live in the Galápagos, including giant Galápagos tortoises and Galápagos penguins.

    Guinea pig, known as cuy, is considered a delicious dish in Ecuador. ¡Sabroso!

    During the Guinea Pig Festival, guinea pigs are dressed up in costumes. The winners are spared from being cooked!

    Ecuador has 21 volcanoes

    The Andes Mountains pass through Ecuador.  




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