• Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia

  • uruguay


  • The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo.

    Uruguay is the smallest Spanish speaking country in South America.

    Soccer is the national sport of Uruguay.

    In 1930, Uruguay hosted the first FIFA World Cup Soccer Champioship.

    Uruguay won the first FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship. They defeated Argentina.

    Argentina has more cows (12 million) than people (3 million).

    It has beautiful beaches. It also has beautiful buildings, boulevards, and plazas. It looks just like Europe!

    Uruguay is the first country in the world to give every schoolchild a free laptop and Wi-Fi access.

  • paraguay


  •  The capital of Paraguay and a girl's name in Spanish is Asunción.

    Paraguay has 2 official languages: Spanish and Guarani.

    Paraguay has 3 nicknames: "the heart of South America", "the land of water" and "the island surrounded by mainland".

    El Chaco consists in 60% total area and 3% population of the population lives there. Together is Patagonia, Amazon forest and Atacama Desert, El Chaco is one of the toughest and difficult regions to live in South America.

    The traditional music from Paraguay uses a special instrument, the harp.

    Paraguay in one of the two countries in South America that does not touch an ocean.

    Of all landlocked countries, Paraguay has the largest power navy in the world.

    Paraguay is home to one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the world, the Itaipú Dam.

    Paraguay shares electricity with Argentina and Brazil.

    The Landfill Harmonic is a children's orchestra in Paraguay. All instruments are completely made out of trash collected from landfills. 


  • bolivia


  • Bolivia has 2 capitals. The main capital is La Paz. The second capital is Sucre

    La Paz means "peace" in English.

    Bolivia has an annual rainfall of over 16 feet! That makes Bolivia one of the wettest countries on the planet! 

    Bolivia is home to Salar de Uyuni and it is the largest salt flat in the world. 

    There is even a hotel there completely made out of salt!  It's a salt hotel!

    Soccer is the national sport in Bolivia. 

    Bolivia is home to Camino de las Yungas or The Road of Death, the most dangerous road in the world.

    El Alto International Airport is the highest international airport in the world. When yiou arrive to El Alto, they offer you oxygen in case you are experiencing altitude sickness.

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