• Mexico, Spain and Equatorial Guinea

    México, España y Guinea Ecuatorial

  • Mexico flag


  • México is south of the United States.

    The capital of México is Mexico City.

    México is in North America.

    Chihuahua is the biggest state in México.

    Chihuahua is a dog of Mexican origin and considered the smallest dog breed in the world.

    Mariachi bands come from México.

    Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican artist.

    The national bird of México is the eagle.

  • Spain Flag


  • España is know as the land of FIESTAS.

    España is the only Spanish-speaking country in Europe.

    Madrid is the capital of España.

    España is known for its rich culture and its "siesta".

    España is home to bullfighting and flamenco.

    España hosts the world's largest tomato fight.

    The castanets are the national instrument of España.

  • Guinea ecuatorial flag

    Guinea Ecuatorial

  • Malabo is the capital of Guinea Ecuatorial.

    Guinea Ecuatorial is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa.

    Guinea Ecuatorial is one of the richest countries in Africa.

    Most people in Guinea Ecuatorial live in poverty.

    Guinea Ecuatorial is one of the only countries to have its capital on an island.

    Guinea Ecuatorial is one of Africa's largest oil producers.

    The equator rus through Guinea Ecuatorial.