• Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

    Cuba, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico

  • Cuba flag  


  • The capital of Cuba is La Habana or Havana.

    Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean.

    Cuba is 90 miles from the most sourthern tip of Florida.

    The Cuban bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world.

    Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba.

    Even though Cuba is a tropical island, it snowed once in 1857!

    Fidel Castro was a dictator, leader that rules by force, in Cuba for over 40 years.

    Cuba has many snakes, but it is rare to find one that is poisonous.

    Story-teller Carmen Agra Deedy is from Cuba. She immigrated to the United States in 1963.

  • Dominican Republic

    República Dominicana

  • The capital of República Dominicana is Santo Domingo.

    The Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti.

    Baseball is the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic. 

    The beaches in Dominican Republic are beautiful.

    Bay Samana is great to visit if you want to go whale whatching (About 2,000 whales between December and March). 

    Christopher Columbus landed in Dominican Republic during his first voyage in 1492.

    Santo Domingo is the capital of the Spanish colony founded by the Bartholomew Columbus, Christopher Columbus' brother.

    The Dominican Republic is the home of the smallest gecko, the Jaragua gecko also know as the dwarf gecko. 

  • Puerto Rico Flag

    Puerto Rico

  • The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

    Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean.

    Puerto Rico belongs to the United States. It is a territory, not a state. Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

    You don't need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico.

    Most people in Puerto Rico speak English.

    San Juan is one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

    The Coquí is a frog only found in Puerto Rico and is considered one of the smallest in the world.

    Puerto Rico has 270 miles of beaches!

    Puerto Rican José Feliciano is known for his song "Feliz navidad"