MBS elementary students feed homeless

    Three Mountain Brook Schools elementary students are teaming up to make a difference amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Crestline Elementary fifth-grader Lucas Osorio and sister Luiza, a third-grader, have joined forces with cousin Felipe Schrappe, a Mountain Brook Elementary sixth-grader, to feed the homeless in downtown Birmingham. 

    “We thought maybe we could help them by giving what we have to them,” Lucas said. 

    Last week, the trio devoted a day to making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ingredients that Lucas and Luiza’s mom, Emilia, bought at the store. They delivered them the next day.  

    “As soon as we’d see someone, we’d stop and talk to them and give it to them,” Emilia said. 

    The group handed out bags containing the sandwiches and sweet treats such as chocolate and candy. They fed 55 people. 

    “Most of them just said, ‘Thank you, God bless you,’ and a bunch of really sweet stuff,” Luiza said. 

    The students didn't stop after their first trip. Lucas, Luiza, and Felipe made more sandwiches this week and delivered them with Emilia's help.

    They also brought bottled water after realizing last week that many of the people they served were thirsty. 

    “I’m really proud of them,” Emilia said. “I think it was a good thing...to share and to help others.” 

    The students plan to continue making weekly food and water deliveries. They've enjoyed serving others and encourage their peers to do the same. 

    “When you finish, you’re going to feel great and you’re going to be proud of yourself and you’re going to feel like you just accomplished the best thing on earth,” Luiza said. 

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