• Spartan Survival


    Moving from Elementary School to the Jr High School can feel intimidating and scary but also exciting to start a new adventure! Your 7th grade counselor, Mrs. Sharon Lyerly, has answered some frequently asked questions below to help make this transition a little easier...


    What is the best way to use AO?

    AO will last a little over 20 minutes. This is a great time to meet with your teacher if you had trouble on a test, quiz, or homework assignment.  Otherwise, you can get some homework or studying done for FUTURE assignments.  Use AO to work ahead.

    Will I get help when I need it at the JH? 

    Yes, but you may have to initiate the help.  Teachers are available before or after school, during AO, and by appointment to give extra help.


    What is the average amount of homework each night in 7th grade?

    I would say an average of 20-30 minutes per subject per night.  So it is fair to say that most 7th graders spend an hour to an hour and a half on homework and studying.  If taking advanced classes then the amount of time on homework would increase.  Teachers typically give you a few minutes in class to start homework. If you use that time well then you will have less homework/studying at night.

    How do I balance school work and after school activities? (this question answered by a MBJH student)

    • Use your agenda - not only for school homework and assignments, but also for extra-curricular activities so you can plan ahead of time.
    • Use your time at school wisely - when you have an extra 10 minutes at the end of class, read over your notes and work on homework. And during AO, us that time to do upcoming homework and study for tests. Don't think that the day your work is due is the time to start your work. Don't put off things until the last minute.
    • Keep up every day and try to stay ahead - it is much easier to find 30 minutes or 1 hour every day to keep up. It would be really hard if you waited or needed several hours in one day for school work. Don't think you can cram for a test in one night. Start studying several days in advance and study each night. Besides, it would be harder to learn the material that way too.
    • Use good study habits - for example, it helps me remember things if I write out notecards. Also, when I have definitions to learn, I write each one using a different color pen. That helps me remember them better too. So, keep up each day. I have managed several extra-curricular activities and kept good grades too. You can do it!


    Do we buy our locks? 

    Students do not buy locks but the locks are provided by the school.  You will have a lock for your school locker and PE locker.  I would encourage you to buy a padlock at Target or Walmart to practice opening a pad lock.  THe pattern to opening pad locks is the same only the numbers change.  The Jr High will have people around the first week of school to assist with opening lockers.

    How do we know where our lockers will be?

    There are two hallways that are designated for 7th grade lockers. In August, you will receive a hard copy of your schedule, your locker number, and locker combination.

    How do we memorize our locker combination?

    You will be given the combination. The more you practice, the easier to remember.  Think about it like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels...Practice makes permanent! Just like riding the bike, entering the code actually becomes something your brain does somewhat automatically. 

    At first, you may have to write it in your agenda for back up.  The Jr High will also have access to your locker combination so if you lose or forget it, you can stop in the counseling office and we can get it for you.


    Is there a map of the Jr High we can have to help us learn our way around? 

    Yes, we have a map but I find the map confusing.  The Jr High is trying to come up with some options for tours and we also have Spartan Day to assist you with the layout of the school.  The school has "wings" or sections of the school divided by 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, Electives, and Science.  Once you see this and walk it a few times, the Jr High is easy to navigate.

    Will 7th grade be spread out or together?

    Typically, your Science, Math, and History are close together.  English is by your lockers and Electives are in the middle of the school.


    Can we request certain friends in our classes?

    Unfortunately, we cannot handle these requests. Also, typically you will see some of your friends at lunch since half of the 7th graders eat at the same time. You might be lucky and have a few friends in your classes or PE but if not this is a time to make new friends.

    Do we buy the supplies we want, buy supplies from a list, or are there supply packs?

    You and your parents will be provided a supply list in July. Your parents can purchase everything through the Jr High or they can purchase items on their own but you will need to buy supplies from our supply list.