• Seniors have the chance to download or transfer data files from their school Google account to their personal accounts. Currently, graduating senior accounts will not be available after May 25, 2022.

    Before you begin, take some time to consider how many of your high school files you really need. You probably do not need everything you have in your school Google Drive. Some students have files K-12. Below are a couple of options. 

    • Consider creating a folder in your Google Drive for items you want to keep, copy, or download. An example is creating a folder called 01_Content to Keep. Copy files from your Google drive to this folder that you want to transfer or download to your personal account. This will make the final process easier and faster.
    • Review shared files, and unshare as needed. 
    • Delete any old files you no longer need including Gmail. Only keep what you would like to keep. 
    • Your account will be purged from Google and content will not be available after May 25, 2022.

    One Option:
    Download a Few Important Files

    • You may quickly select important files you would like to keep and download to a personal computer. You may then upload to another Cloud based location. 
    • You may also download to a flash drive or other external device.

    Second Option:
    Google Takeout for a Large Amount of Data 

    • Use Google Takeout if you prefer to transfer a large amount of data. This process does take some time since it is dependent on Google. 
      • If using your school Chromebook, log in and click this link Google Takeout
      • Click DESELECT ALL and carefully select what you actually want to transfer.
        • Suggestion: Check Chrome Bookmarks
        • Suggestion: Check Google Drive / Advanced / Only select what you actually want to keep. 
      • Click Next Step and continue the process.
    • A copy will be created. When Google completes the process  you should receive an email.  If you don’t get an email, return to Google Takeout, and it should tell you if your export is still in progress, or that it has been completed and is available for download.

    Image 1: Check Google Bookmarks


    Image 2: Check Google Drive  / Advanced and select what you actually want transferred