Green Tree
  • I don’t know that everyone can (or wants to) remember all the way back to kindergarten, but there is something special about the fact that everything is a REALLY BIG DEAL when you are starting school!  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  We also realize the fact that everything feeling like a really big deal might cause a little anxiety over the course of the summer.  In my first year, a parent of an incoming kindergartener shared with me the hours they had spent over the summer worrying about every single detail about beginning school.  To be fair, the parent was half-joking about the mistake of worrying about small things and getting too far ahead of herself.  As true as that might be, it also reminded me of the value of BWF doing all we can to provide timely information to incoming families. Today’s email focuses on two specific ways to learn more about the school.


    1. Even though the answers will be covered in August, we didn’t want families to spend the summer worrying about things we could easily address.  That feedback led to the kindergarten coffee every spring when families could participate in a question and answer session with administration about the coming year. Candidly, we want you to enjoy the summer, and the conversation was sometimes helpful in relieving any anxiety about starting school.  Last year, this was one (of many) events we reconsidered in light of the restrictions associated with our circumstances.  This was also one (of many) events that might have actually been improved upon in the process.  Mrs. Crossno and I essentially filmed a series of conversations based on frequently asked questions from previous years.  You are certainly always welcomed to contact us with any specific questions, but the videos provide your family an opportunity to learn some important things about BWF.  Those clips are provided below in four different sections for you to watch from the comfort and convenience of your own home whenever your schedule allows. 


     2.  The second step in this process is simply providing an opportunity for our Rangers to visit the school with their parents and get a bit more comfortable in the physical space.  We will be offering an opportunity for families to visit the school on Monday, May 24.  Our goal is for Rangers to have a brief tour of the school and develop some additional excitement before summer even begins. Please take advantage of the provided link to schedule a window of time for a Ranger and their parents to tour BWF for the first time. To help us limit the size of the tour groups, we ask that you do not bring siblings to this event. Click HERE to sign up for a time to visit BWF and get your First Glimpse of the Forest.

    Please know that we are always available to address any specific questions, concerns, or feedback individually.  We will share more timely information as we move forward later in the summer, but we didn’t want to miss the chance to tell you how excited we are that you are joining our Family in the Forest.  As excited as we are about everyone enjoying a nice (hopefully long) summer, we are already looking forward to meeting you and your Ranger!