Cultural Practices

  • Since 1992, the Board of Education has had a strategic plan that is reviewed and updated annually. Early strategic plan goals have become cultural practices. Our cultural practices are as follows:

    1. Develop and implement an effective, challenging, and engaging curriculum which promotes the highest level of academic excellence and personal growth for each student.
    2. Ensure that each individual is prepared to become a independent, lifelong learner.
    3. Effectively integrate the use of technology into all instructional and support programs.
    4. Assist our students in gaining admission into the college of their choice.
    5. Promote an environment free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
    6. Provide a climate that recognizes diversity and encourages respect for all persons.
    7. Recruit, hire, and retain the most effective personnel.
    8. Design, implement, and support an exemplary professional development program for all staff.
    9. Design, implement, and support an exemplary performance evaluation program for all staff.
    10. Empower all staff as leaders, enhancing site-based and shared decision-making.
    11. Communicate effectively and efficiently with parents, students, community, and school personnel. 
    12. Effectively interface with governments at all levels.
    13. Secure financial resources necessary to achieve our goals and use the best management information practices to ensure fiscal responsibility.
    14. Build, operate, and maintain facilities which will accommodate all programs and curricula of the school system.