• 2023-2024 College Application Process 

    (**For an extended, more detailed version of the process please visit your e-mail or click here.**)

    Before you apply

    • Complete the FERPA Release and Waiver in the student's Scoir.
    • Parent and Student Brag Sheets are due to the College Advising office.
    • Teacher Recommendation Form is due to the College Advising office.
      • Pick up the form from the College Advising office, ask your teacher to write a recommendation for you, have the teacher sign the form, and return the signed form to the College Advising office.
      • Click HERE to learn how to Complete the Recommenders Section of the Common App.
    • Visit the college’s website to determine how you will apply and identify the college’s deadlines.
      • Common Application https://www.commonapp.org/
      • Directly to the institution (i.e. The University of Alabama, Auburn University, etc.)
    • Paper copies of brag sheets and teacher recommendation forms may be picked up in the College Advising office.



    • Complete all required parts of the online application and submit once it is ready. Remember to save usernames and passwords. ***Note:  school materials (like transcripts, letter of recommendation, etc.) will not be sent until after you apply and notify your college advisor.  See below. 
    • Some colleges only require a complete application. Others require essays, teacher recommendations, a school report and/or a counselor recommendation.
    • TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS - If you are using the Common Application, be sure you are following this guide to completing the 'recommenders' portion in the Common App.   

    *HELPFUL HINT!  Check your e-mail regularly.  Colleges will communicate with you through e-mail about any missing documents, scholarship deadlines, and next steps to take once you have been admitted.


    Send standardized test scores to the college unless you are applying test-optional.

    • Visit ACT (act.org) or College Board for the SAT (www.collegeboard.com) to send scores if you did not already do so when you registered for the test. After the test is taken, there is an additional cost attached to sending scores to a college.
      • The ACT superscore report includes your highest composite test score and highest subscores from each subject area (English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning).
      • The SAT score report includes all scores unless you use Score Choice to select scores from specific test dates.

    *NOTE: It can take up to 4 weeks for a college to receive your scores.


    Notify the College Advising Office

    • Log into Scoir. In the “My Colleges” section, click on the college name to which you’ve just applied.  Drag it from “Following” and drop it under “Applied.” This will notify our office that you have applied to the college.  This step should be completed at least 3 weeks before the college’s deadline.
    • We will submit your transcript and other required materials (transcript, recommendation(s), counselor report, etc.) to the college.



    • Submit your application to the college at least 3 weeks before the application is due.
    • Visit the College Advising section of the MBHS website for additional helpful information.
    • Contact our office, (205) 414-3818, if you have any problems or questions.

Things You Need to Know Before Applying To College

  • Completing 'Recommenders' Section on the Common App
  • College Planning Worksheet
  • Early Action vs. Early Decision
  • Glossary of Terms