• I. CES Training Schoology Course (August 10-14 with ALL faculty) Go to your Classlink, Schoology App, and you will see the course. If for some reason you are NOT enrolled, see Paula for access. During this week, (I do, We do, You do) teachers are shown how, provided practice, and then had a follow up will complete an assignment each day (color coded by day) on the following: 

    • Review District Best Practice (Schoology Usage, Course Structure)
    • Sign in to Schoology and join training course.
    • Update your profile and picture, link your Google and One Drive, set notifications.
    • Non negotiable course structure for all grades, all content: Welcome, 1st 9 weeks: Week 1 (Aug 20-21), Week 2 (Aug 24-28), etc. 2nd 9 weeks, etc. 
    • Find and begin going through your content's PLP as a grade level/group. 
    • Navigate in Schoology (homescreen, courses, groups, resources, notifications, settings) How to view as a student.
    • Copy your course structure (folders) into your course.
    • Add a banner to your course.
    • Embed Google Content for students to view.
    • Import Canvas Content (grade 6)
    • Create a page (welcome, overview, teaching)
    • Import School's PLP lesson activity to your Course.
    • Add Course Materials - File/Link/External Tool, Media; Page
    • Add Assignment Material - Course Assignments; Discussion, Google
    • Completing each type of assignment as a student in the course
    • What it looks like as a teacher to receive, grade and retun assignments
    • Completion Rules on folders
    • Adding an Assessment - examples of types of asssessments - completing as a student in a course
    • What it looks like as a teacher to reveive, grade assessments - Gradebook
    • Now that you've seen it and used it. . . Review of how to share content to resources, move content from sandbox to other courses; follow up/review of questions given to trainer & review of any content requested (Google Assignments, Assesments, Links, etc); Q & A for all groupsr

    II. CES Follow Up Schoology Assignment Padlet (August 10-14 with ALL faculty)

    1. Review District Best Practice (How Schoology will be used, 2 District-wide non negoatialbles: folder structure (for ALL courses regardless of grade or content) and assignment naming scheme
    2. Schoology Best Practice Visual
    3. Review your grade level's PLP   (Form) (Sign in to Schoology, select Group, select your group, in your Group Resources: 1st pacing guide (to see which lesson matches your standard), then open each lesson to see read it, watch it, teach it, show it, play it, objects for each lesson, begin thinking about content that is not digitial and how you will make it digitial to use in your course.)
    4. Overview Image of Sharing Content - to Group Resources & Copying Content to Courses from Sandbox Course

    III. CES Office Hours all week, after each training session, for individual or group help (August 10-14 all faculty) as teachers are building your content in your sandbox course for the first few weeks.

    IV. CES Follow Up Informaition (Aug 15 - Sept)

    • Elementary Admin Rollout Plan
    • Making Content Digital, specifically PDF files
    • Student View Video for all teachers as a review and to use with classes when students first go in to Schoology
    • Adding a Course Picture with real course name and X for courses not using
    • How to link departmentatlized courses
    • Reminder: Clarification on Sharing Google documents on Schoology
    • Reminder: Clarification on when you pull in shared content making sure all is relinked for your students in your Course
    • Shared Google Meet CES Training Videos from Aug 10-14 with staff (in Training Course)
    • Schoology Information to Share with All Parents 
    • Office Hours for Help/Training and offer for PLC Visits for specific needs
    • Beginner's Guide to Schoology
    • 1st Follow Up Grade Level Meetings with admins - 10 min follow up/check in on Schoology needs & offer for PLC and individual help 
    • 4th Grade Level PLC Requested How To / Overiew of best practice /Adding Google Assignments where each child gets on copy
    • Checklist/Readiness Check In admin meeting 8/31
    • Technology Leader Meeting to Show/Check In  (rep from all grades and groups with AP -Suzan's input - September 8)
    • Advisor (view all courses) for admins 
    • Grade Level Schoology Meeting with admins, goals, expectations, Q&A, Checklist/Readiness
    • Offer for Help/Training for PLC 
    • How to Use Phone as Doc Cam to Record
    • PE Meeting on Program with links to activities and course structure
    • How To Google Meet Session Google Assignment
    • How to Google Meet Session Text PDF
    • 2nd Grade Level Planning Requested Training on TextHelp & Google Docs where each child gets a copy
    • Clarification on Special Ed, Instructional Coaches, 504 Roles  
    • Kindergarten Work Session with team representative 9/21
    • Kindergarten Work Session with team - Copying in Folder Structure for 2nd 9 weeks, copying in Schoology Resources from Group, Google Assignment for Adding a pdf text help, overview of Google Shared Drive-My Drive-copying, renaming and moving files when sharing resources to use with Schoology
    • 2nd 9 Weeks Date folder Ready for Teachers to Copy & Reminder of Folder Structure
    • Have Students set their Home Page to Course Dashboard

    V. CES Schoology October

    • K Requested 1/2 Day Work Session