• MBS Tech Assist

    How do I clear the cache on a Chromebook? 

    Clearing the cache on a chromebook solves multiple issues and allows devices to run smoothly.   Follow the below procedures to clear the cache.  


    To Clear the Cache on a Chromebook:

    1.  Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the chrome browser

    2.  Hover over "More Tools"

    3.  Select "Clear Browsing Data"  

    4. Select the time range from the dropdown menu at the top, and choose which (if any) parts of your data you don't want to clear (browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files) by unticking the box next to the corresponding selection.

    5. Click "Clear data." If you toggle over to the "Advanced" section of the "Clear browsing data" window, you will also have the option to clear passwords and other sign-in data, autofill form data, site settings and hosted app data.