• MBE students spread kindness by holding an inaugural Serve Day on Nov. 13, 2020. 

    Jan. 5, 2021 — On Nov. 13, 2020, Mountain Brook Elementary students participated in MBE’s inaugural Serve Day. Legacy, an MBE student group, planned and implemented Serve Day to coincide with World Kindness Day. Legacy was founded in 2017 and is made up of sixth-grade students whose goal is to leave a positive legacy at MBE.  

    Advised by teachers Katie Potts and Gretchen Sawyer, Legacy is comprised of 12 sixth-graders who assist in developing school lessons that teach character and kindness. Sixth grade Legacy student Kathryn Rives said that Legacy is a chance “to teach the younger kids about things that are not the usual school subjects, like how to be kind and respectful.”  

    This idea developed from the school touchstone, which is to "lead from the heart." Mrs. Potts said that, “typically, we think about this within our school walls, but with Serve Day, we wanted to have an opportunity to lead from the heart in our community.”

    The Legacy students created different activities for all grade levels to play a part in Serve Day. All of the activities were student-generated, and the Legacy members were responsible for ordering and gathering supplies, prepping materials, and delivering materials to classroom teachers. Once materials were delivered, the classroom teachers led conversations with their students about the purpose of Serve Day and its importance.

    Pre-K through first-grade students painted kindness rocks and spread them throughout Mountain Brook Village. Mrs. Potts and fellow first-grade teacher Joy Palmer walked with their classes to the Village together to represent the lower grades, accompanied by MBE’s beloved school resource officer, Tommy Tanner. The students wrote words of affirmation on the rocks and placed more than 100 rocks around the Village. Mrs. Potts said that she was “so proud to watch them distribute the kindness rocks.”

    In addition, second and third-grade students created posters to hang around the Village to express appreciation for MBE’s local business community. Fourth through sixth-grade students wrote thank you letters to various stores and restaurants throughout the Village, while other sixth-grade students worked to pick up trash. Sixth grade Legacy student Richard Bowron thought that Serve Day “went really well” and hopes later Legacy groups continue this new tradition.

    MBE Principal Ashley McCombs said that Serve Day provided an opportunity for the students of MBE to explore what it means to be a good neighbor while expressing gratitude for community workers and store owners in Mountain Brook Village, MBE’s neighborhood.  

    She wanted the students to understand that this is a “key point to note about life . . . our behaviors impact others and are a reflection on others, including our family and school.”  

    By serving others, MBE hopes to reflect a school community that emphasizes kindness and giving.