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    Schoology End of Year for Teachers

    Courses will be archived at the end of term. Our terms are usually setup to match grading periods. Archived courses are still viewable and a Archive tab appears under courses for you. Schoology suggest to save your courses to RESOURCES before Archive date. This process helps to make it easy to import for next year course and share. 

    Note: When you save a course to Resources, the following items will not copy: student information, student submissions, Google Drive Assignments attachments, and OneDrive Assignments attachments 

    Save Course to Resources, before End of Term Date 

    Tip: Create Collections in your Resources before you start saving course materials.

    To create a Collection:

    1. Click Resources
    2. Click the file cabinet icon in the left-hand column to create a new Collection.
    3. Name your collected, maybe use your course name.


    Copy Course Materials to Resources 

    1. Start at your course
    2. Select Materials, Options / Save to Resource
    3. Locate Collection you created above

    NOTE: in the fall you will be able to Import from Resources into new courses.