• Chalkable


    POSTING 3rd nine-weeks

    • Posting will be turned on May 18 for reposting of 3rd nine weeks grades. 
    • Everyone should repost 3rd 9-weeks even if you turned in grade updates.  This will eliminate any oversights.

    POSTING 4th nine-weeks

    • Posting will be turned on May 19th and will be on until Friday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m. for 4th 9-weeks.


    • 3rd nine weeks grades need to be updated before posting 4th nine weeks grades and semester exams so the semester average will be correct.
    • If you make any update to a student’s grade, remember it is important to click RECALCULATE.
    • If you had a student transfer into your class at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, be sure you have entered the 3rd nine weeks grade as a “Direct Entry” in student average so both grades will be averaged for the semester grade.
    • If you had a student transfer into your class during the 4th nine weeks, be sure to create a transfer column in your gradebook for the grade the student is bringing over from the other class.
    • No grade should be posted as “Incomplete”. Missing grades should be marked as “MA”.  The “MA” will count as zero until the student makes up the assignment and the updated grade is entered in your gradebook and posted.
    • If a student is exempt from taking the semester exam, be sure to right click in the Exam column and select “EXT” before posting.
    • NO GRADE IN EXCESS OF 100 SHOULD BE POSTED!!!!!  Please update before posting by entering 100 as a “Direct Entry” for the semester.
    • We will not be able to update any grades after May 28th due to PowerSchool transition.


    • Due to the transition from Chalkable to PowerSchool starting May 28th, all teachers must print a hardcopy of their gradebook for the year.
    • The copies must be turned in to Anna Rooks as part of the end of year check-out procedures.
    • We also suggest you keep a PDF copy in your files. Printing instructions for each 9-weeks are included below. 

    The transition to PowerSchool is making for an extremely tight timeline as we close out this academic year.