• Mountain Brook Schools Strategic Planning Diversity Goal

    "Develop structures to ensure that the school district honors diversity, and that all who are associated with the school district are treated with respect"


    Mountain Brook Schools Diversity Committee was formed in 2020 as a result of the strategic planning goal established by a school and community committee in 2017. The Mountain Brook Schools Diversity committee is comprised of parents, school leaders, community members, and local community partners. The committee met to review current practices in Mountain Brook Schools, examined resources from multiple sources, and considered recommendations in the areas of programming, community and communication, and learning and training. A student sub-committee was also formed comprised of students from Mountain Brook Junior High and High School that represented different student groups within the student body. As representatives of their peers, they also participated in making recommendations to the district diversity committee. 


    The Mountain Brook Schools Diversity Committee made the following recommendations to Mountain Brook Schools:

    1. Effectively develop diversity programming committees at each Mountain Brook School to develop programming that will enhance students’ experiences and opportunities to interact and partner with diverse communities and people.


    1. Define hate speech and symbols as a separate actionable offense in the Mountain Brook Schools Code of Conduct.


    1. Develop methods of communication with the broader Mountain Brook community about diversity opportunities and experiences to support students, families, and community members.


    1. Develop partnerships with local and national organizations as a resource for professional learning, student training, and parent support, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center.


    1. Exploration and development of authentic experiences through which schools experience positive interactions with more diverse communities in an effort to develop understanding, collaboration, and growth.


    The Mountain Brook Schools Diversity Committee will meet on a regular basis to review progress and make further recommendations. 


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