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    PowerSchool: PowerTeacher Pro 

    Quick Steps

    • If you get locked out of PowerSchool - email Joani. She can unlock. 
    • Below are different topcis. Click the drop-down for information.
    • Determine if:
      • Total Points 
      • Weighted / Category Points
    • If Weighted / Category Points
      • You need to create the categories first. 
      • Select Grading charm/icon and select Categories

    If you need help with your Power Teacher Pro gradebook, please contact Joani Kay. 


    2022-2023 Grade Reporting Deadlines


    1st 9 Weeks (ends Oct. 14)

    Progress Report grades due/updated: Sept. 13

    Oct. 18  9 Weeks grades due: by end of the day. Gradebooks will be locked at that time.

    Oct. 19  Grade Verification Sheets in teachers’ mailboxes by 3:00 pm

    Oct. 20 by noon  Grade Verifications due to Nikki Harkins

    Oct. 21  Report Cards posted on 

  • Set Up for Total Points

  • Set Up Weighted or Category Points

  • Video on Grade and Category Setup

  • Semester Exam Entry

  • Final Semester Grade

  • View All Grading Periods at One Time

  • Finding a Student Who Transferred From Your Class

  • Print Hard-Copy of your Gradebook

  • How to Email