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    PowerSchool: PowerTeacher Pro 

    Quick Steps

    • If you get locked out of PowerSchool, it usually will unlock in about 5 minutes. Email Joani if it does not unlock and she can unlock for you. 
    • Below are different topics. Click the drop-down for information.
    • Determine if:
      • Total Points 
      • Weighted / Category Points
    • If Weighted / Category Points
      • You need to create the categories first. 
      • Select Grading charm/icon and select Categories

    If you need help with your Power Teacher Pro gradebook, please contact Joani Kay. 


    2022-2023 Grade Reporting Deadlines

    • May 25th, End of Q4 and F2.  
    • May 17th, 3:00 pm Senior grades must be FINALIZED. Graduation is May 18th.  
    • May 24th, midnight, Gradebooks will be locked.  
    • May 25th, 10:00 am, ALL Grade Verification Sheets will be in teachers’ mailboxes.  
    • May 25th, noon, ALL Grade Verifications signed and returned to Nikki Harkins. 
    • May 25th, noon, turn in printed copy of Gradebook for each quarter. Instructions are below.
    • May 25, Report Cards stored (Q4, X2,F2)  
    • No F2 grades over 100  
    • We only use MA (not Incomplete)  
    • Student grades are calculated from the current teacher's gradebook. If there was a change of schedule, the current teacher will need to add Q3 grade to their gradebook for the student. Instructions below.  

    Below are different topics including How To instructions. Click the drop-down for information.  

  • Set Up for Total Points

  • Set Up Weighted or Category Points

  • Video on Grade and Category Setup

  • How to Enter Semester Exams

  • Final Semester Grade

  • Export Scores to Excel

  • View All Grading Periods at One Time

  • Finding a Student Who Transferred From Your Class

  • Print Hard-Copy of your Gradebook

  • How to Email