• Course Description: 
    This one-semester course is designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions that could affect their financial futures. Whether today’s high school students head to college or straight into the workforce, they will face a robust marketplace of financial products and services. To better navigate our nation’s financial systems, they need to learn more about saving and investing, using credit wisely, avoiding fraud, and a number of other financial topics. 

    Course Goals:
    Business and Personal Finance students will complete the following study/skill development units: Economics; Marketing; Accounting Procedures; Career Exploration; Paycheck, Benefits, and Income Taxes; Resource Management; Risk Management; Banking; Credit Management; Budgeting; Financial Security; and consumer Rights and Responsibilities. These topics will be presented to the class by using lecture/demonstration of each concept.  After the introduction of each lesson daily, students will be given the responsibility for planning, designing, and completing the assignment.  As students work on these assignments, they will have individual monitoring and instruction, providing immediate feedback to reinforce correct procedure.