Dr. Lisa Beckham Retiring After 15 Years with Mountain Brook Schools

  • July 30, 2021 -- Dr. Lisa Beckham, an integral member of the Mountain Brook Schools family, retired from her position as Director of Administrative Services at the MBS Central Office on July 30, 2021.

    Beckham has spent 15 of her 34 years in education in the Mountain Brook School System. She was Assistant Director of Instruction for three years before being named the department director for two years. She has spent the last 10 years working alongside Superintendent Dr. Dicky Barlow in Administrative Services.

    “Lisa has had a great impact on MBS in many different venues,” Barlow said. “From curriculum development to designing institute days and student showcase, her reach extends well beyond the four walls of her office. Not to mention the multiple administrative services that have to be done every day.”

    Throughout her career, the work came second to Beckham as her co-workers and peers described her primarily as a loving and caring individual.

    “Such a big part of her job is caring for the people here,” Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Lanie Kent said. “Lisa the person far surpasses Lisa the employee because of her welcoming demeanor and her kind treatment towards everyone.”

    One of Beckham’s mantras is that “people and relationships matter the most.” Dr. Missy Brooks, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Special Education, referred to Beckham as ‘the consummate professional.’

    “Lisa has developed her professional voice and supports others as they work to develop theirs,” Brooks said. “She’s always there to coach or offer words of encouragement.”

    Beckham will use that voice to continue to help others. As she retires from MBS, she embarks on a journey at her alma mater, Samford University, where she will be teaching in the educational leadership program and helping doctoral students in their dissertation process.

    Crestline Principal, Christy Christian, added: “Lisa navigates a room so unassumingly that you don’t even realize it until you reflect on the MAJOR IMPACT she has not only your way of thinking but your LIFE.”

    Effective, challenging, and engaging are the guiding principles of the MBS purpose statement. During her time at Mountain Brook, Beckham embodied each one of those in her daily interactions with her peers and co-workers.