• Senior Exam Exemption Procedures

    posted August 2023

    A senior who has earned the privilege may be exempt from the second semester exam in each class in which he/she meets the academic, attendance, and disciplinary criteria:

    1. Academic
      1. Any senior with an average of 90 or higher may be exempt from their exam.


      1. The minimum average for exemption to be considered in any class is 80 for the second semester.  In addition, a student cannot have dropped more than five (5) points from his first semester grade to his second semester grade (or from the third nine weeks to the fourth nine weeks in a semester course). For example, if a student has an 87 average for the first semester and drops to an 81 the second semester, he/she would be required to take the exam.

    1. Attendance

    A student may have no more than ten (10) absences for the year, including their five (5) pre-arranged absences. (Absences for religious holidays and legal requirements are excluded.) An accumulation of three (3) tardies is equivalent to an absence.  For purposes of exam exemption, tardies will apply only to the class in which the student is tardy.

    1. Discipline

    Assignment of disciplinary consequences during the first or second semester will eliminate a student from consideration of exemption in all classes.  Disciplinary consequences that are covered include, but are not limited to: Saturday School, suspension, and Alternative School assignments. Participation of senior class members in inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, a “senior prank”,” will eliminate those members from exemption in all classes.

    **Exemption consideration is considered for semester classes at the conclusion of 1st semester.**

    Note:  Any student taking an AP exam will be exempt from the semester exam in that class.  The above criteria for exemption will apply to any AP student who chooses not to take the AP exam.