MBS Welcomes New Employees For 2021-22 School Year

  • A total of 82 new teachers and staff members are joining the MBS family. (Picture taken July 26, 2021 - prior to MBS back to school reopening plan)

  • As the new school year begins, we want to extend a warm welcome to new teachers and staff members joining the MBS family.

    “Every person who works at Mountain Brook Schools is here for a reason,” Superintendent Dr. Dicky Barlow said. “Each member brings something valuable to the table that benefits our students and community. We’re so excited about the new group of professionals working in our school system this year.”

    The following is a list of new MBS employees by location:

    Brookwood Forest Elementary

    • Grace Downey (4th Grade)
    • Amber Howard (4th grade)
    • Kresta Pollard (Special Ed, Teacher)
    • Rebecca Rogers (2nd Grade)
    • Grace Songer (2nd Grade)
    • Keighan Spann (Special Ed. Teacher)
    • Ariel Rogers (Custodian)
    • Jeff Stalcup (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Errin Pollard (EDP Worker)
    • Jennifer Richardson (EDP Worker)
    • Sam Davidson (EDP Worker)

    Cherokee Bend Elementary

    • Erin Henry (3rd Grade)
    • Rachel Sparks (Kindergarten)
    • Mary Abele (Special Ed. Teacher)
    • Emily Daniel (Special Ed. Teacher)
    • Brooke Bouton (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Megan Dobbins (EDP Worker)
    • Laura Middlebrook (Instructional Aide)
    • Robin Coleman (CNP Worker)

    Crestline Elementary

    • Shera Hudgins (Special Ed. Case Manager)
    • Akasha Jackson (6th Grade)
    • Chrissy Mauldin (1st Grade)
    • Lauren Miley (1st Grade)
    • Elizabeth Palmer (Special Ed. Teacher)
    • Lisa Olson (Tech Assistant)

    Mountain Brook Elementary

    • Sarah Faulkner (4th Grade)
    • Creagh Goings (Kindergarten)
    • Ashleigh Graham (Special Ed. Teacher)
    • Kasey Hinely (4th Grade)
    • Jenna Rogers (5th Grade)
    • Rebecca Strickland (2nd Grade)
    • Melissa Bozeman (Preschool Special Ed. Aide)
    • Leah Brownell (Registered Behavioral Therapist)
    • Luci Moore (Preschool Special Ed. Aide)
    • Laura Rais-Baharan (Instructional Aide)
    • Loretta Rowan (PT IA)
    • Kelleigh Crane (Special Ed. Aide)

    Mountain Brook Junior High

    • Caitlin Aldridge (Choir)
    • Dustin Day (Spanish)
    • Kate French (Math)
    • Anna Beth Goodson English)
    • Craig Jelks (History)
    • Carolyn Lambert (Math)
    • Sarah Martin (English)
    • Kristin Musso (English)
    • Edward Crocker (PT P.E.)
    • Anna Sager (History)
    • Sophia Watkins (Math)
    • Dana Denaburg (Instructional Aide)
    • Lisa Smith (Counseling Secretary)
    • Abigail Montegut (Special Ed. Instructor/Aide)
    • Laura Owens (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Marcus Robinson (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Brandon Thornton (Special Ed. Aide)

    Mountain Brook High School

    • Bo Bailey (Academic Skills)
    • Anna Bandy (Special Ed.)
    • Kelly Chaffin (Special Ed.)
    • Nicole Conrad (English)
    • Steven Conger (P.E.)
    • Brooke Dennis (Broadcast)
    • Margaret Denton (Business)
    • Jane Ganey (Theater)
    • Millie Gannon (Special Ed.)
    • Jessica Heine( English)
    • Veronica Lyle (Special Ed.)
    • Taylor Ryan (Business)
    • Anne Shuleva (English)
    • Brandy Shotts (English)
    • Scottie Wilson (Math)
    • Edwin Del Rosario (Custodian)
    • I Lucero Garusta (Custodian)
    • Freddie Licud (Custodian)
    • Virginia Luck (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Susan Milliman (Counseling Secretary)
    • Thomas Perry (Special Ed. Aide)
    • Nicki Rogers (CNP Worker)
    • Melynda Woods (CNP Worker)
    • Shawn Conner (Special Ed. Aide)

    Central Office

    • Meshon Caswell (Administrative Assistant)
    • William Galloway (Communications/PR Specialist)


    • Denise Alvis District CNP Worker)
    • Ann Hollis (District EDP Worker)