• MBS Tech Assist

    How do parents log in to MBS web pages? 

    Mountain Brook Schools web pages include public information as well as information particular to a group of students or parents. An example could be an elementary teacher newsletter or the tutor list for MBHS. Parents and guardians may access using their MBS network username and password. 

    • Access the MBS website you would like to view.
    • Enter the MBS network username and password emailed to parents. It is the same information that is used for access to the MBS Portal-ClassLink. 

    1. Example: Access the MBHS Counseling website and click Tutor List https://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/Page/15915 

    2. You will see a message that you need to log in.

    3. Upper right corner, enter your MBS issued parent network username and password. You should now be able to view the information.