Meet The Drum Major: Jacob Azrin

  • In his position, Azrin says he has been influenced by past drum majors and has taken note of what it takes to operate a successful program.

  • If you have been to a Mountain Brook football game, you’ve heard the band playing the fight song, marching through the stadium, and enhancing the gameday atmosphere. But there’s an element to the formula that is paramount to their success: student leadership. Specifically from this year’s Drum Major, Jacob Azrin.

    Azrin is a senior at Mountain Brook High School and has been a part of the band for six years. Prior to being named drum major, Azrin played the oboe and saxophone. After a year of performing virtually due to COVID, Jacob saw it best to serve his peers and use his abilities to lead his fellow band members.

    “I felt like I needed to be in a position where I could help the band the most,” Azrin said. “I want to see the band reach its maximum potential every time we perform.”

    Jacob is the primary route of communication from staff to student musicians. He is responsible for the morale at rehearsals, making sure students are on task at all times (both on and off of the field), and of course, he facilitates all of the band’s performances. MBHS band director, Jason Smith says Azrin’s leadership is vital to every performance.

    “He is the most visible member of the band and has the responsibility of sharing the importance of the program to everyone in our sphere of influence,” Smith said.

    In his position, Azrin says he has been influenced by past drum majors and has taken note of what it takes to operate a successful program.

    “I am one with my fellow band members,” Azrin said. “Just because I literally stand on the pedestal doesn’t put me above them. We’re in this together.”

    Jacob said he’s seen past drum majors get down to do pushups with their peers in certain situations. It takes a particular level of ‘buy-in’ and that type of unity is a gift to Smith who says (student) leadership is the foundation of any successful program.

    “We often tell the students that this is 'YOUR' band and ownership into the program is essential,” Smith said. “That goes for every individual involved.”

    Azrin and his contemporaries displayed that ownership during the 2021 season-opening football game versus Vestavia as they contributed to an electric atmosphere.

    “That was the best environment I was ever a part of in a musical setting,” Azrin said. “I almost cried tears of happiness”

    Azrin hopes for a continued year of success with the band. He’ll graduate from Mountain Brook High School in May. His long-term goals are to attend college and be involved with his school’s marching band. Right now Jacob says Vanderbilt and UAB are the schools he’s most interested in. After college, he wants to pursue a career in medicine.

    “I want to keep a musical connection with whatever I do in life,” Jacob added. “You can’t beat having the opportunity to create good music with amazing peers and building connections along the way.”