Crestline Students Serve Custodians

  • The custodial staff was treated with a pizza lunch on Tuesday, Sept. 14, and handwritten cards with encouraging and appreciative messages.

  • September 14, 2021 -- Crestline students stepped up to serve within their school buildings on Tuesday. Ms. Snow and Mrs. Rives third grade classes combined by forming different groups and thinking of ways to be “Cougar STRONG.” 

    The STRONG acronym stands for serve, trustworthy, respect yourself and others, own your own actions, never give up and grow. Each student is encouraged to embody these characteristics and values during their time at Crestline.

    One of the groups decided the best way they could serve is to host a pizza party and make some cards for the school custodians.

    “They serve for us every day but we don't serve them so we thought it would be special to do this,” one student said. The custodial staff was treated with a pizza lunch on Tuesday and a table full of personalized cards with encouraging and thankful messages from the group.

    Crestline Principal Christy Christian said, “This idea was completely student-generated and a special way to serve and express thanks. I’m proud of these students and all of our students who embody our ‘Cougar STRONG’ values.”