• 4th Grade Student Council 

    Eleanor Heine

    Alligood Rogoff

    Bennett Dyer-Smith

    Noah Cribbs

    Hap Simon

    JJ Shilleci

    Hanson Kerr

    Molly Wykle

    A Note to All Who Applied...

    Thank you for completing an application for student council. This year we had an overwhelming turn out with over 90 applications.

     We are so proud of each of you for practicing resilience and showing your Cougar STRONG spirit.  Although we have a selection process, when it comes to choosing students and especially with the top quality of candidates, we realize it is imperfect. We absolutely love your kiddos and feel deeply that this process involves disappointment.

     We encourage students to try out again if applicable in years to come. For example, 4th grade is always the most difficult year to make the team because we try to give older students the opportunity to serve before leaving CES, so that's why these grade levels have bigger representation. Traditionally, student council was a much smaller group with under 20 members total. Over the years, we've seen a significant increase in applications and a desire from students to serve and become more involved. Therefore, the team has grown in size, responsibilities and projects.  We do have to consider keeping the team at a manageable size. 

    Like we say in our student council link,  this team is a totally volunteer-sponsored group. The process, planning and implementation for the sponsors is conducted during outside school hours. Managing the team and community service projects takes a significant amount of time that is beyond our role in the school day, but we love it and feel passionate about students learning through service and leadership.  

    We realize no process, no application and no try out can possibly even begin to measure the extraordinary uniqueness and value that your student possesses. We hope each of you felt encouraged and empowered in the process of filling out an application, participating in an interview or making the team. Each one of you is a valuable part of CES.

     Cougar Strong,

    Leah Treadwell

    Crestline School Counselor, 504 Coordinator & Student Council/Mascot Sponsor

    Liz Fry

    Crestline School Counselor, 504 Coordinator & Brookville Community Service Sponsor



  • 5th Grade Student Council 

    Eleanor Cain

    Allie Bowen

    Maggie Holt

    Kate Bright

    Lottie Fipps

    Mary Juliet St. John

    Kate Powell

    Pippa Nelson

    Jane Harris Hickman

    Helen Ray

    Annie Cannada

    Murray Claire Choate

    Maxwell Dean

    Jack Donald

    Reid Samuels

    Stella Vice




    6th Grade Student Council 


    Virginia de Idiaquez

    Parker Simpson

    Mary Hamner Cook

    Claire Lowery

    Oliver Wood

    Rollins Haughton

    Wales Averyt

    Hayes Dyer Smith

    Joseph Bratcher

    Elizabeth Magee Williams

    Sinclair Hey

    Mary Ellen Badham

    Anna Cleveland

    June Heine

    Banks Pittard

    Sellers Norwood

    Emma Rice

    Elliott Schilleci

    Anna Scott Laney

    Maddie Hussey

    Betsy Springfield

    Margaret Read

    Brady Cleghorn

    All student council members: 

    • Wed. Oct. 19th - 2:50 until 3:40 (right after school) Orientation for New Student Council- Camp Cougar at CES
    • If you already have an obligation for this day and time, just let Mrs. Treadwell know. We can work out a way to bring you up to speed on the information. treadwelll@mtnbrook.k12.al.us