2021-22 MBS Teachers of the Year Announced

  • (L to R): Kristi Moncrief (BWF), Whitney Babatunde (CBS Teacher), Betsy Draper (CBS Staff), Laura Rives (CES), Allyson Martin (MBE), Tami Genry (MBJH) and Ashley Van Beek (MBHS)

  • Each school in the Mountain Brook Schools district has named its Teacher of the Year for the 2021-22 school year. Some schools name a staff member of the year or have other awards given to faculty members at a different time of year.

    “The selection of our teachers of the year is an opportunity for colleagues and stakeholders to celebrate the greatness they have witnessed in each of the winners,” Holly Martin, Professional Development specialist said. “It elevates the important role our teachers hold in their school and honors the tremendous effort they give to their practice and, most importantly, their students.”

    2021-22 Teachers/Staff of the Year:

    Brookwood Forest Elementary Teacher of the Year: Kristi Moncrief (Special Education)

    “At their best, an elementary teacher has a unique opportunity to help a child unlock their own potential by combining a consistent application of best practices in instruction with an unshakeable love for and belief in the child.  I can’t think of a better example than Kristi Moncrief in exemplifying this truth on a daily basis.  Every day she meets her students where they are and builds the skills and the confidence necessary to accomplish things they never thought possible.” - Nathan Pitner, BWF Principal

    Cherokee Bend Elementary Teacher of the Year: Whitney Babatunde (Technology Coordinator)

    “Whitney has been an answered prayer to CBS! She is so knowledgeable, so helpful, and always positive! The students have a relationship with her and love to ask her questions or spend time learning from her. I have seen teachers thrive from having her work in their classrooms. People who have wanted to do more, but have not had the opportunity until she made them feel comfortable getting outside of the box.” -Fellow CBS faculty member

    Cherokee Bend Support Staff of the Year: Betsy Draper (Nurse)

    “She has worked so hard the past two years to keep everyone safe and healthy. Every day she is happy to see our students and teachers and is always there to help with whatever is needed.” -CBS parent

    Crestline Elementary Teacher of the Year: Laura Rives (3rd Grade)

    “Laura Rives is the epitome of a true educator. Not only does she challenge herself to continuously grow in her craft, she also holds that same expectation for her students daily. She partners alongside students and families to build a community that is collaborative, curious, vulnerable, risk-taking, and engaging.  We were honored that she was chosen by our faculty to represent Crestline Elementary School as the 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year!” - Christy Christian, Crestline Principal

    Mountain Brook Elementary Teacher of the Year: Allyson Martin (Academic Intervention)

    “From impacting a classroom full of 2nd graders at MBE, to building confidence in Lancers across all grade levels, Allyson Martin is an influential educator. She leads with heart and develops strong relationships with students, colleagues, and parents. Mrs. Martin focuses on helping individuals reach their fullest potential by setting high expectations and modeling a strong work ethic with accountability. She truly makes a difference in every life she touches and we are honored that we are the recipients of her continued commitment to leading and learning.” - Ashley McCombs, MBE Principal

    Mountain Brook Junior High Teacher of the Year: Tami Genry (Librarian)

    “I’ve never seen a librarian have as much impact on the entire school as Tami does.  Not only does she effectively manage a quality library that functions as a safe place for students, but she is also active in making sure MBJH is successful in all areas.” - Donald Clayton, MBJH Principal

    Mountain Brook High School Teacher of the Year: Ashley Van Beek (AP Physics)

    “Ashley is hard-working, an effective communicator, patient, organized, and flexible. In addition to her knowledge of physics, she is gifted with the ability to relate to her students and someone who demands excellence and holds her students accountable to achieve that excellence.” - Philip Holley, MBHS Principal