• Here is a link to the  Selection of Library Materials policy. The process for requesting a review of library materials are is listed below:

    Occasional objections to instructional materials in a library media center may occur despite the quality of the selection process.  The Mountain Brook Board of Education endorses the principles of intellectual freedom inherent in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Objections to materials may be expressed through the process outlined below by a member of the school’s faculty or the parent or guardian of a child in the schools.

    1.The library media specialist will explain the selection process and reconsideration procedure to the person expressing concern.

    2. The library media specialist will give the person expressing the concern a copy of the system Selection Policy and request that the person submit the form, “Request for Formal Review of Library Materials.”

    3. The library media specialist will inform the principal, superintendent, and other appropriate personnel of the concern.

    4.  Upon receipt of the completed form, the principal will acknowledge the concern with a letter and will request review of the challenged material by an ad hoc Materials Review Committee within twenty working days.  The review committee will be appointed as needed by the Superintendent.  The committee will consist of three parents, two teachers, one library media specialist, and one principal or assistant principal.  The Director of Instruction will serve as the nonvoting Chair of the Committee.

    5. The challenged material will continue to be available during the reconsideration process.

    6. The committee will take the following steps to review the challenged material:

    a. read, view, or listen to the material in its entirety

    b. check general acceptance of the material by reading reviews and consulting lists

    c. determine the extent to which the material supports the curriculum

    d. complete the appropriate form, “Checklist for Materials Review Committee” judging the material for its strength and value as a whole and not in part

    7.  The recommendation of the review committee will be determined by a majority of the committee voting by secret ballot.  If the committee recommends removal of the material, the decision should include the levels from which the material is to be removed (elementary, middle, high).

    8.  The review committee will present a written recommendation to the principal who will communicate the committee’s decision to the person expressing the concern, the library media specialists, and to the superintendent.

    9.  If the person expressing the concern wishes to appeal the decision of the Materials Review Committee, a written request should be submitted to the superintendent within 10 working days of notification of the decision by the review committee.

    10. The Mountain Brook Board of Education will convene to address the appeal.  The Board will review the material, the “Request for Formal Review”, and the recommendation of the review committee.  The decision will be determined by a majority of the Board.

    11. The superintendent will communicate the Board’s final decision in writing to the person expressing the concern, the library media specialist, the principal, and the review committee.

    12. The library media specialist will retain or withdraw the challenged material as recommended by the review committee or, in the case of an appeal, as decided by the Board of Education.

    Request for formal review of library materials