MBHS Holds Annual Kaleidoscope Conference

  • On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, all students at Mountain Brook High School attended the two-hour Kaleidoscope Conference throughout the school building. The conference served as a ‘career day’ for students to learn from professionals in the Mountain Brook community as well as others around the Birmingham area.

    Twenty-eight professionals spoke to students about what they do for a living, how they got there and shared plenty of advice for students before taking questions at the end of each session.

    The following list includes Kaleidoscope's speakers and their various professions:

    Speaker Name

    Session Topic

    Kelly Thompson


    Amanda Davis


    Jake Jordan

    Athletic Trainer

    David Faulkner


    Chuck Redden

    CEO of a Technology Company

    Jason Hard


    Laura Finch


    Ben Bass

    Cyber Security

    Steele Marcoux

    Editor of Veranda Magazine

    Shannon Riley


    Ashley Robinett

    Engineering/Southern Company

    Emily Lassiter

    Financial Planner

    John Parant


    Mike Neuendorf 

    Hospital Management

    Carmen Echols

    Institutional Money Management

    Beth McMillan 

    Interior Design

    Will Howell


    Will Mason

    Music Industry

    Anne Rygiel

    Non-profit/Fire House Shelter

    Dr. David C. Hufham


    Mary Anna Malone

    Physical Therapy

    Taylor Davis

    Real Estate Agent

    Beth  Kilgore 

    Social Work

    Trey Echols

    Speech Therapy

    Jack Royer

    TV Reporter/Journalism

    Craig Martin


    Jay Brandrup

    Website Development

    Neillie Butler 

    Wedding Planning/Entrepreneur