MBE Hosts Grandfriends Day

  • Friday, February 25, 2022 – Mountain Brook Elementary celebrated “Grandfriends Day” on Wednesday as the school hosted approximately 450 guests of Lancer students into the school building. Two groups (divided by certain grade levels) of grandparents came into the school for an hour at a time to hear from administrators, tour the classrooms and hear from the students/teachers to learn more about their day-to-day experience at MBE.

    “It was the first time since pre-covid that it actually felt like a normal school day,” Principal Ashley McCombs said. “From students to parents to teachers, everybody had something positive to say. It was something we needed more than we ever realized.”

    The “Grandfriends” event was an opportunity for MBE students to share their school with grandparents, relatives, or special friends. Additionally, the entire event was student-led. From the greeting at the door to displaying in-school work in the auditorium to the logo on the coffee mug given as a parting gift, students coordinated and led the entire event.

    Kindergarten through second grade’s message of emphasis was passing kindness on, while third through sixth graders shared about showing kindness by including people in your circle.