MBS Robotics Programs Dominate State

  • Friday, February 25, 2022 – All five Mountain Brook Robotics programs competed in the State Vex IQ Championships in Auburn last weekend. Mountain Brook Schools (MBS) students had lots of success and some are even moving onto the Worlds level.

    Each elementary school team along with the junior high team competed against state competition after securing a spot there last semester. The MBS Robotics programs took home the following awards:

    • Elementary Excellence Award  -Team 3701B  (William Baugh, Sam Ebert, Ryan Plyler)
    • Elementary Skills Champions -Team 3701B   (William Baugh, Sam Ebert, Ryan Plyler)
    • Elementary Teamwork Champions -Team 3701B  (William Baugh, Sam Ebert, Ryan Plyler)
    • Elementary 2nd Place Teamwork Champions 3705A (Colin Pankey and Gray Marshall)
    • Middle School 3rd Place Teamwork Champions – 31337H and 31337K
    • Middle School 4th Place Teamwork Champions – 31337G
    • Elementary and Middle School Design Award – 3701A  (Evallee McClellan, Jonah Druxman, Alexander Ewer) and 31337K
    • Elementary and Middle School Amaze Award – 3701H (Hampton Doobrow, Wyatt Pearce, Reese Horner)  and 31337H

    Mountain Brook Robotics advanced more teams to the World Championships than any other district in the state of Alabama. MBS is widely known in the VEX IQ community as a model program that many districts across the state look to when implementing their own programs. 

    The World Robotics Championship will be held in Dallas in early May. At the event, teams from around the globe will have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and compete in a worldwide arena. 

    The following students will have the opportunity to compete at the Vex World Championship:


    • William Baugh
    • Sam Ebert
    • Ryan Plyler
    • Evallee McClellan
    • Jonah Druxman
    • Alexander Ewer
    • Wyatt Pearce
    • Hampton Doobrow


    • Colin Pankey
    • Gray Marshall

     Cherokee Bend

    • Benjamin Lindmark
    • William Gerth
    • McKean Kipp
    • Jonathan Holt


    • Preston Gancayco
    • Micah Goldis
    • Travis Summey
    • Blake Cook
    • JW Brouillette
    • Lucas Catenacci
    • Carson Heck
    • Steven Chester
    • Jackson Eatman
    • Oliver Nelson
    • Patrick Rais-Bahrami
    • Beau Dionne
    • Bryson Dobbins
    • Hayden Graham
    • Noah Jones
    • Will Hardee
    • Jackson Pierce
    • Jacob Plyler
    • Wallace Vaughan
    • Emmett Walker
    • Charles Lightner
    • Annabelle McCullough

    Congratulations to these students and all of our MBS robotics students on their tremendous efforts and success so far this school year. Thank you to the coaches who were instrumental in the success of each team as well!

    • James Salvant - MBJH
    • Jennifer Jinnette and Sharon Mumm – BWF
    • Anna Debell, Stacy Dorsten and Heather Brown – CBS
    • Amy Anderson and Scott McKerley – CES
    • Kate Beidleman and Kelly Mapes - MBE