Spartan 2 News

  • Spartan 2 News is Mountain Brook's student-run newscast. Students in this course are "hired" as a member of the Spartan 2 News team, and they focus on the development of skills necessary to produce a professional newscast. Students experiment with various roles and foster the skills necessary for work in broadcast journalism.

    The newscast airs daily on the Spartan TV Network -

    Students in the program also work in sports and entertainment production events, such as running the video board at football games, commentating basketball games, and working to produce content for school and outside organizations.

    Each student is assigned a specific role for each production.  They rotate through the roles throughout the first weeks of school so that each is able to experience every aspect of news production. Once all roles are experienced at least one time (anchor, reporter and production assistant positions will be experienced more than once), they choose which position they would like as a permanent job, and the entire staff votes to fill these roles. Positions will become relatively permanent from that point forward (unless changes need to be made).

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