MBJH Tennis 2022 Metro Championships

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2022 -- The Mountain Brook Junior High tennis teams recently competed at the Metro South Championships and both teams came home with trophies. The boy's team won the championship while the girls finished runner-up.

    The boys have won 10 of the last 15 Metro South Championships under head coach, Bruce Henricks. The girls have also been dominant in years past, winning 13 of the last 15 championships. Both teams posted a season record of 10-1 and the boys' only loss came against an out-of-state team. The metro tournament results can be seen below:


    Karna Palaniappan                               2nd place in #1 singles

    James Burnette                                    1st place in #2 singles

    Rob Schoenvogel                                 2nd place in #3 singles

    Hammer Strickland                               1st place in #4 singles

    Jeb Blair                                                1st place in #5 singles

    Luke Nagi                                              1st place in #6 singles

    Park Holley & JD Oliphant                    1st place in doubles

    Also contributing throughout the season were Aubrey Kilgore and Jack Bright.



    Olivia Roberts                                      2nd place in #1 singles

    Leyden Comer                                     2nd place in #2 singles

    Sarah Still                                            2nd place in #3 singles

    Emily Baird                                          2nd place in #4 singles

    Mary Margaret Malatesta                    2nd place in #5 singles

    Isabelle Lawrence                               1st place in #6 singles

    Claire Leonard & Frances Gerth         1st place in doubles


    Also contributing throughout the season were Hollis Thomasson, Kate Thagard, and Shiloh Simmons.