MBHS Awards Day 2022

  • Wednesday, April 27, 2022 – Mountain Brook High School held its annual Awards Day in Spartan Arena on Wednesday morning to recognize students for their outstanding achievements. Various organizations and departments gave out awards while other groups recognized students for service.

    “As we wind up another school year, this is a great opportunity to recognize so many of our students for their academic accomplishments,” MBHS Principal Philip Holley said. “This is a reflection of all the hard work, time, and effort they put in during their time here.”

    The following students were recognized/awarded:

    Leadership Mountain Brook: Andrew Ashford, JT Christian, Bella Donner, Lucy Evans, Knox Herren, Lindsey Kate McElroy, Brendan Mitchell, Robert Morrow, Margaret Nichols, Saylors Pursell, Ida Rutkoff, Matthew Walton, John White, Anne Woodke

    MBHS Teacher of the Year: Ashley Van Beek

    World Language Awards (click here for full list)

    Departmental Awards (click here for full list)

    Sophomore and Junior Awards

    Rhodes College Book Award: Grayson Hydinger

    Washington and Lee Award for Achievement: Ann-Massey Bowman

    Kevin Butrus Memorial Award for Outstanding Sophomore Boy: J.K. Roberts

    Katie Sanfelippo Memorial Award for Outstanding Sophomore Girl: Anne Lichty

    Sewanee Award for Excellence in Writing: Caley Record

    Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science: Vaughn Frost

    Sweet Briar College Book Award: Cate Cooper

    Bryn Mawr President’s Book Award: Sophia Li

    George Washington University Book Award: Lilly Odom

    Tulane University Book Award: Eli Bare

    Wake Forest Book Award: Zachary Touger

    University of Pennsylvania Book Award: Moria Dowling

    Dartmouth College Book Award: Emily Straughn

    Harvard Book Award: Caley Record

    Yale Book Award: Vaughn Frost

    Titan Tutor Award: Reagan Downey


    Honor Graduates

    Julianne Abenoja, Mary Raines Alexander, Ellen Anderson, Hunter Anderson, Jane Grey Battle, Bickley Bowron, Ivy Cobbs, Eleanor Elkus, Camille Emblom, Cory Fan, Caroline Hellums, Amy Beth Hudson, Kate Ryan, Jane Morgan Sauls, Luke Turner, Amelia Tynes, Frances Vandevelde


    National Merit Finalists

    Julianne Abenoja, Caroline Allen, Jelks Cabaniss, Ivy Cobbs, Cory Fan, Amy Beth Hudson, Kate Ryan, Luke Turner, Amelia Tynes


    Business Completers

    Lizzie Amberson, Elise Andrews, Sareena Askenazi, Cab Baker, Martha Balogh, Lilly Barksdale, Mallory Baxley, Julia Bedingfield, Ellie Kate Berte, Gracy Black, Sara Allen Brown, Braune Browning, Olivia Ann Burgess, Alice Byars, Bake Chambliss, Libby Coppedge, Ava Darden, Sam Davidson, Bella Donner, Ella Duvdevani, Sarah Edwards, Thomas Foster, Lucy Garner, Mary Dawson Gladney, Greer Golden, William Graham, Lauren Grubbs, Brant Hawkins, Anna Hobbs, Addie Hobbs, Wels Holman, Duncan Hulsey, Alden Johnson, Emily Keplinger, Kennedy Knight, Elle Laney, Mac McCowan, Will McIlvaine, Howell Polk, Avery Robbins, Carson Rogers, Rachel Roth, Ann Louise Rowe, Maggie Russell, Parker-Kate Searcy, Caroline Skelton, Charles Skinner, Beatrice Spencer, Andrew Thomason, Adele Vinson, Brett Wadlington, Anne Adams Ware, Olivia Ware, Jenny Watts, Mem Webb, Ann Derby Welden, John White, Stella Young


    Spartan Crest

    Julianne Abenoja, Colley Acken, Jack Albert, Bibb Albright, Mary Raines Alexander, Caroline Allen, Ellen Anderson, Hunter Anderson, Elise Andrews, Joseph Armstrong, Jacob Azrin, Kate Barlow, Jane Grey Battle, Mallory Baxley, Francie Bodnar, Islay Brady, Virginia Kate Brandt, Tommy Butrus, Bentley Carroll, Libby Coppedge, Nelson Crawford, Sarah Cushman, Callie Davis, Gray Doster, Eleanor Elkus, Camille Emblom, Ella Emblom, Cory Fan, Tom Fischer, Grace Gardner, Camille Gillum, Mary Dawson Gladney, Greer Golden, Catherine Guilsher, Caroline Hellums, Wilder Hines, Hannah Hitson, Emma Grace Holt, Chloe Hontzas, Natalie Houser, Amy Beth Hudson, Zach Hymowitz, Lauren Johnston, Kennedy Knight, Mary Frances Little, George Martin, Rayna Mastin, Mac McCowan, Crawford McDuffie, Kate Methvin, David Pruet, Lucy Redden, Dive Rowe, Bud Sanders, Jane Morgan Sauls, Parker-Kate Searcy, Sarah Simon, Mary Margaret Stephenson, Emmaline Stewart, Lillian Still, Gabrielle Taichman, Amelia Tynes, Frances Vandevelde, Addison Wint, Ann Woodke, Lillie Wright, Stella Young


    During the ceremony, Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation Executive Director, Rachel Weingartner, and President Key Hudson announced that the senior class was able to raise a total of $55,000 for its gift to the foundation!