MBHS Class of 2022: By The Numbers

  • Tuesday, June 14, 2022 – Mountain Brook High School has announced its official numbers for the graduating class of 2022.
    The class of 323* students has 310 college-bound graduates. Other former students will carve their own avenues by taking a gap year, enlisting in the military and entering the workforce just to name a few.
    Forty-five percent of college-bound graduates reported accepting a scholarship from a college, university or outside organization. A total of 210 graduates will stay in-state while 100 others will attend an out-of-state college/university. The 100 students attending an out-of-state school is the highest number since MBHS had 111 students go out of state from the class of 2019.
    Class of 2022 Points of Interest
    ·       98 students attending Alabama
    ·       78 students attending Auburn
    ·       This mirrors trends from the past 15 years with the exception of 2021.
    As always, the MBHS College Advising department followed the trends and updates of the graduating class and noticed the following points:
    ·       Many colleges continued test-optional admission policies this year. 
    ·       Many selective colleges had single-digit acceptance rates. 
    ·       In-state/out-of-state percentage back to pre-Covid levels (30% of out-of-state).  
    Congratulations to the entire MBHS class of 2022!
    *The size of the 2022 graduating class is lower (by 23 students) compared to the average size of the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 (346.3 students per class).