Leadership Mountain Brook Students Introduced

  • Leadership Mountain Brook started in 2010.

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – Mountain Brook High School’s ‘Leadership Mountain Brook’ students met with city officials on Monday afternoon for a formal introduction. Eighteen MBHS students make up the Leadership MB group which will work with and for the community this school year on projects and events throughout the city.

    “We have the best school system, the best leaders, and the best group of city officials around,” Mountain Brook Police Chief Jaye Loggins told the students. “You’ll come to not only learn more about our city and community but see that the people are what make this place so special.”

    Click here to find out more about Leadership MB.

    2022-23 Leadership MB Students:

    • Lauren Jones

    • Halli Hollingsworth

    • Hannah Blalock

    • Mary Frances Springfield

    • Rachel White

    • Martha Anderson

    • Evelyn Berry

    • Abigail Sharp

    • Jackson Herron

    • Charlotte Robbins

    • Lily Johnson

    • Henry Sullivan

    • Randi Cron

    • Oliver Salter

    • Stutts Everette

    • Laura Buha

    • Jack McDonald

    • Mallie Robinett


    Mountain Brook City Officials in attendance:

    • Stewart Welch (Mayor)

    • Sam Gaston (City Manager)

    • Steven Boone (Asst. City Manager/Finance Director)

    • Chris Mullins (Fire Chief)

    • Shanda Williams (Parks/Recreation Superintendent)

    • Dana Hazen (Director of Planning)

    • Jaye Loggins (Chief of Police)

    • Ronnie Vaughn (Public Works Superintendent)

    • Lindsy Gardner (O’Neal Library Director)